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Since I’m preparing to switching to Ubuntu as my only OS (now running dual boot with Windows 7 & Ubuntu) I started to look for the optimal partition setup. In my laptop (Lenovo ThinhPad x220) I now have a 256Gb SSD drive with 16Gb RAM and Intel(R) x64 Core(TM) i7-2620M CPU @ 2.70GHz processor. Below is the partitioning scheme which I think will be optimal.

First partition to be created is the /boot partition with the following size and settings:

/boot		300Mb	Primary		Ext2

Second partition to be created is the swap partition:

swap		8Gb	Logical		swap

Third partition is the / (called root partition):

/		10Gb	Logical		Ext4

And finally the rest of the drive goes to the /home partition:

/home		237Gb	Logical		Ext4

This setup should be enough to store big files and run memory consuming processes such as  i.e. video editing.

Based on LinusBSdos.com article.